Earth Day Everyday

At Havana & Co, we are a very hard-hearted bunch. But we take one thing very, very seriously - what we put into the product.

You see, we're tired of buying skincare products that actually hurt our skin instead of helping it -- full of those nasty toxins and chemicals that skin doesn't really like or need. We ourselves know a thing or two about sensitive skin, so we set out to find the perfect natural ingredient to nourish, heal and protect it. When we saw the effect it had on our skin and our health, we thought, hey, let's spread the love. And cream. (sorry) So we rolled up our sleeves and started soaping. Then it went down quite well. So we expanded. And get trapped in lotions, potions, butters and balms. Our first rule - we only use what works for sensitive skin, what's natural - and what we like to use ourselves. And we're very picky, so the standards were (and still are) high. We source the highest quality ingredients from botanical and mineral extracts and include them as part of our products. We are committed to your skin, your health. We say no to toxins, chemicals and other harmful substances. Instead, we use super-strong natural ingredients that your skin will love. simple! Your skin deserves love. a lot of. We take this seriously.

Now that the serious talk is over, let's get back to making soap and having fun!

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