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We have changed a lot in the past few years. Committed to what we call a green journey. This is not without its challenges, and goals are constantly changing as new initiatives make business and manufacturing increasingly sustainable. These are the first steps on a long journey, and it pays to offer skincare and home fragrance products that really cost no money.

Our boxes are all made from recycled materials. These are some of the more obvious ways we can get better. Other options include how we treat our wastewater, where we source our raw materials and how we power our factories.

If you're interested in some small and inexpensive ways to reduce waste in your home, here are some of our favorite easy takeaways:

Natural Handmade Soap: Fresh Soap (French LavenderGreen TeaGinger & SpiceEucalyptus & Tea TreeLemongrass), Floral Soap (Rose Garden), Oriental Soap (CinnamonRobusta Coffee), Woody Soap (Sandalwood).

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