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This Lemongrass Soap balancing on the corner of the bath got us thinking about Life Balance today.
We hear it often. We need to find balance and reduce stress in our lives. We need to find time to relax, but when your day is already so busy, it can be very difficult to do so. Life is busy - deadlines need to be met, emails need to be answered, phone calls need to be returned - you won't be cooking dinner yourself, will you?
No you are right. It is not. We have so much to adapt to. So that's what we do - every day we try to do one thing that makes us feel good. It might be a walk in the woods, a cup of coffee at a favorite coffee shop, and a dress just for special occasions. These things are usually small and simple, but they can change the course of the day. They can make life feel balanced and make us happy inside, which is important.
Try one of our favorites today - a gorgeous soapy bath. This is your downtime. There is a chance to turn off and charge. It doesn't get better. What will you do today to feel good about yourself? Remember, this is always the simple thing.

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